“A glimpse into my topsy turvy life”

Welcome to my private space where I simply write down my feelings and happenings in my life. Feel free to explore and enjoy reading my journal as I share with you all about life and how unexpected it can be. One moment you can be up there and the next, you can be all the way down below. Life is a roller coaster ride with our emotions all on overdrive. We may feel happiness at first but sadness in just a blink of an eye.

Live. Laugh. Love

As cliche as it sounds, this three words represents the way I want my life to be.

Live in the moment, enjoy the ride and aim for the stars

Laugh at every opportunity, don’t forget to smile always

Love others, open your heart to allow a special someone in, but most important of all, Love yourself

Silent Bright Night

As the sun sets, the beautiful moon appear and the sky starts to turn dark. Most of the time, I’ll be writing my thoughts down for the day at night, when its silent and the moon is shining brightly down on me. Its a refreshing moment, something which I can’t explain but its very soothing for me.


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