I knew, I just knew that something was off in my life and finally today I found out why. From the start, I knew I wasn’t especially popular/well liked by my peers but I didn’t know that it was to the extent where by it would jeopardize my friendship with the people around me. My life seems ruined at this point of time and not to mention that it’s already rather ugly.

That post, I’m A, I just know it as it read it over and over again. I’m sorry to have hacked into it and read it but now I guess I’m pretty glad I did. No words can express how I actually feel about that post but all I know is that it reduced me to a mess I am right now. Am I really that bad of a person? Maybe you’re right, maybe leaving would be the best option. I guess people like me ain’t entitled to happiness and love and laughter. I guess in everybody’s eyes, you made a mistake by getting involved with this sorrowful mess like me.

I don’t want you to lose the people around you, love. Maybe she’s right, I caused you to drift apart from the rest. Maybe I’m nothing but a jinx to whoever that dates me. The clouds, they seems so appealing. Is the world lying to me or am I the only one that despises myself so much? Can I start afresh somewhere else or will this shadow follow me for the rest of my life?

People say “you are allowed to make mistakes as long as you learn from them” LIES ALL LIES. No one forgets or forgives what you have done. Your mistakes would follow you like a burden for the rest of your life. You can never climb back up again. You can never be the same again. One grave mistake sets you back for the rest of your life

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