Chapter 4, Last Thoughts

Just when I thought chapter 3 was short, chapter 4 proved to be shorter, barely filling up one page in the book. As I look back to the previous chapter, those bittersweet memories, I can’t help but heave a sigh of relief that everything is finally over, at least for now.

Looking back, chapter 4 was one big slob of mess. I guess it all comes with the baggage that chapter 3 carries plus all the weird out emotions that caused this to end almost as quickly as it began.

14 September 2014

This was the day where we had a #TeamYOLO bbq session which main purpose was to try and bring the group back to its former glorious state. Well, I guess it failed seeing how we still function as different entities instead of one during the entire activity period, especially during the prawning session then after. Speaking of which, it was my first time attempting to prawn and I must say it went rather well for an amateur like me, so I’m proud of my achievements that night. The series of events then after happened so quickly I don’t event have any comments on it. I ended up having a plus one following me home instead of being alone with my apple cider. Speaking of which again, that drink taste so good I think I just might be addicted to it. We talked till the sun decides to pay us a visit and weird things just happened then after. I don’t wish to mention what happened for it will just all go down in memory with this post in my head.

30 September 2014

Fast forward 3 weeks later(well almost 3 weeks), something just went through your mind and that light bulb must have went off because you decided to pay me a visit, at 2.30am. Yes, 2.30am again. You must have some weird affiliation with 2.30am for that light bulb moment always occur around that time. We talked, we cried, we laughed, I cried, you cried, it was a sorrowful day. You got me all confused with your emotions and feelings from that day on, I feel like slowly you’re pushing me away. Who are you?

1 October 2014

Sudden changes in plans brought you to my doorstep once again. However, this time round, we didn’t cry anymore. There were no tears shed, just laughter, maybe empty laughter. Thanks for the pepero by the way, you don’t know how it feels like to indulge in snacks after so long, it feels like fireworks just exploding in your mouth when I took the first bite. We did a lot of stupid things and once again, not being able to finish our xmen movie. Took us 4 months are we are not even done with the trilogy. Throughout, I knew something was bothering you but yet every time I ask, you just brush it off with a “I’m fine”. Okay then….

5 October 2014

Whats going on with you? Even as a friend, I’m honestly worried for you. You feel so distant now, like we are 5000 miles away from each other when in fact, we are not. You said you didn’t know whether to leave or not, that you didn’t want to let the people around you down anymore. Honestly, I’m this close to making the decision for you and as I write this, my mind is somewhat made up and that I’m gonna follow what my mind says, not my heart. I’ve came to the understanding that I’m toxic to you. Sure it was fun, but all good things have to come to an end someday, especially with a relationship like ours. Can’t let it drag on and on with a huge big question mark can we? Joke.

For all those people who have supported me throughout, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel really blessed to have each and every one of you in my life.

I’m moving on with my head held high, a smile on my face and bittersweet memories left behind.

God Bless


Next Chapter

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