Its a really sad day for me today as I received my results and it was not up to expectations. Many people don’t know how I truly feel but its tough getting such results when the world around you expects you to do so much better than this. I can imagine the faces of all the people I have disappointed with my substandard results and it still feels all like a nightmare to me. I woke up this morning (afternoon) with no recollection of anything that happened the night before, which is really scary as this has not happened to me in a really long time. Its the first time though that my memory is still fragmented after 12 hours of being awake, I can’t seem to remember much other than the song that has been playing in my head like a chant.

Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the stars refuse to shine

I don’t really know how to explain this down in words on the feeling of waking up and the first thing you question is “where am I?”. Momentarily, I was lost. It took me about 0.5 hour to regain composure and realise that I am at home, in bed and its 230pm now. It feels like I didn’t even sleep at all, my head hurts so badly and I honestly felt like I’m about to collapse. I remember I just kept looking around at my surroundings and wonder where the hell am I.

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