31 Strangely Satisfying Things All Women Do In Private (That They Would Never Admit To In Public)

Thought Catalog

1. Removing long hairs that have somehow fallen down your back and gotten stuck in your butt. Especially in the shower.

2. Scratching your butt, especially after you’ve spent long periods of time sitting down.

3. Keeping your hands in your pants/underwear, not for any remotely sexual reason.

4. Having full-on serious conversations in the restroom with family or friends while relieving yourself. And then lying through your teeth if they ask where you are. But it just feels good to talk on the toilet seat.

5. Taking your bra off as soon as you get home and throwing it across the room. There is nothing like that bra-less feeling at the end of the day.

6. Taking your bra off and immediately scratching your bra marks for a good, solid minute or longer.

7. Inspecting your face in the mirror and pulling out random hairs, usually in the most…

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