B.F.F. – Best Friends Forever

Finally, I was able to meet my best friend today for a short while and we headed to eat at Supply and Demand, where they had really amazing food. Their truffle fries are a must try if you ever head there one day! Had a nice catching up session with her and got to know more about her uni life while I still slog out in poly. Sometime, I really miss my secondary school life. Life was so much simpler then, no boy drama, no relationship problems, just a few occasional friendship issues that I would rather have over what I’m experiencing now. 

We walked from somerset to city hall and stopped by the Singapore Night Festival for a while. I’ve got to say the short performance that I caught was really fantastic as the performers used fire as a prop in their act. 

On a sad note, I might not be able to go to hong kong this holiday now, which makes me pretty sad as I was looking forward to it ever since the day we booked it. Life can really be unexpected sometimes….

Till Tomorrow then, I don’t really have much to talk about today since it was pretty boring and plain. Enjoy the photos though 😀

C360_2014-08-29-20-06-26-737 C360_2014-08-29-20-09-00-541 C360_2014-08-29-20-35-17-259IMG-20140829-WA0032 IMG-20140829-WA0034 IMG-20140829-WA0037 IMG-20140829-WA0038

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