Updates :)

Recently, I’ve been really caught up with examinations and project submissions to the point where I feel like pulling out all my hair and just scream….. just have that gut feeling that my cumulative GPA is gonna drop this semester and that feeling totally left me unmotivated to study and push myself to my limits 😦 On the bright side, I’ve been offered an opportunity to intern instead of going for public relations next semester, which is pretty appealing to me considering how sick and tired I am of school now, a change in environment may be a better alternative for me. I guess one reason why I’m not able to focus and concentrate this semester is due to my relationship issues with my ex at the start and me getting into a weird ass one now…. Sometimes, wait most of the time, I keep questioning myself if I’m doing the right thing, like wtf am I doing right now, why have I turned from that innocent girl 3 months ago to this wild girl now? Yes mom, even I ask myself that everyday. 

That aside, my gut feeling tells me that ***** is trying to court me or something, which seriously scares the hell out of me cause, hello, no guy likes me, I’m too ugly and plain looking for that kind of thing. Tummy aching now so this shall continue tomorrow. Adios

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