A word of advice to my future self

Its me, well you, a younger version of you that is. I’m 18 now, living a pretty crazy life, I hope its better on your side 😀 Remember, you’re gonna make mistakes along the way, some big ones and some minor ones. You’ll know names, some of which you’ll never remember after a couple of days, but some of these names would be etched in you forever. Also, you don’t have to sleep with everyone, you’ll miss the simplicity of holding hands, or the anticipation of the first kiss you’re gonna share with your special one. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, even after going through a few rough relationships because the right person is there just waiting for you to fall into his arms so he could catch you and make you his, forever. In those special moments, don’t be afraid to be the one to say “I love you” first, you’ll regret not saying it to him, have some courage, I believe you can do it. The rest of time, try not to spend it analysing text messages, deciphering them like you’re a detective, instead just live in the moment and learn to love yourself. 

If you ever like someone, don’t be afraid to let your feelings be known, never ever suppress those feelings because the more you try to get rid of it, the more it wouldn’t go away. Trust me on that, you, or rather me, went through it before. Its okay to feel heartbroken now and then, but remember not to let those heartbreaks define who you are and change your mindset about anything. Have I mentioned that everyone makes mistakes, including you? Don’t waste your time trying to find a million reasons why things happened, instead, learn from these mistakes that you’ve made, pick yourself back up and continue walking. The path is still there waiting for you to complete it, never ever raise the white flag halfway. As a quote said “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, life is about learning to dance in the rain”. Adapt and appreciate what you have in the moment because someone else out there in the world wishes he/she had your life. Don’t be too caught up in work that you neglect everyone around you, take time off to spend it with your friends and family. 

Work hard my older self, work hard and achieve the future and life that your this younger self always wanted to have. Never lose sight of your goals. Stay focus and stay strong. But most important of all, take care of yourself. 

Smile Always,

Me (You)

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