I finally lost it yesterday when Ed took my phone and started to read all my WA messages to L again. Like hello, haven’t you heard about privacy? Urgh, makes me upset at the thought of it. Not only that, they rest took my phone and started looking through all my photos, only to realise that there are stuff that I really needed to hide in my photos…. Nearly cried in the restaurant when they refused to return me my phone despite my pleas 😦 

Had a talk to K, SH and D at night over satay and I guess that talk really made me realise that I indeed have changed; this girl that they knew now wasn’t the girl they knew back in year 1 & 2, which really sets me thinking about how I have changed….. I’m really thankful for this amazing talk with them though.

After which, I had a long talk with SH which lead me to going all the way to Punggol to chat till past midnight. I guess despite the shitty start to the day, it ended off pretty well with me finding a really good friend 🙂 

The world comes to life and everything’s bright
From beginning to end when you have a friend by your side


Woke up this morning to a surprisingly long text by L and I’m honestly very touched by the sincerity and thought put behind the text. I’m really glad to have such amazing and true friends by my side and I wouldn’t trade them for anything else. How I wished I can go up to them, hug them and thank them for just being so amazing but it’ll be inappropriate, firstly seeing that we are of opposite gender and secondly, simply because people around me would start judging me should I just hug a guy like that…..-.-

Sometimes you think you’ll be fine by yourself
‘Cause a dream is a wish that you make all alone
It’s easy to feel like you don’t need help
But it’s harder to walk on your own

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