When two becomes one

Breakups, a process that i believe most would go through at least once in their entire life. Its painful, heart wrenching and you just feel like rolling up into a ball and cry. Many would then proceed to blame themselves for what happened, think about their ex from time to time and make themselves sad for no reason. I used to be one, crying my hearts out for a guy I thought was my forever, thought that life ends when we broke up. After being sad for a period of time, I realised I can’t live like this anymore, I’ve got to pick myself up and be that strong independent woman I used to be. I gave myself 3 days to sob about everything that has happened, listen to all the sad music and cry along with the lyrics, hide under the blanket and just weep for my broken heart. I deleted him off my life completely for at least a month, no text, no longer Facebook friends etc;

While doing all these, I actually came to realise something, that he let me go and for that I’m utterly grateful. He just did me the biggest favour of my life, which is to give me an opportunity to meet someone else that would truly love, cherish, and want to be with me no matter what happens. I may feel out of control but in actual fact, I’m the one making myself feel this way, not my ex nor is it anyone else. I do not have dominion over that relationship anymore, but I do still have dominion over myself and that is the biggest power that I, or anyone else, can ever hope for. If someone doesn’t want to be with me, then so be it, they are just not worthy of me. I’m utterly grateful that an unworthy suitor has let me off the hook to move on to greener pastures and find someone else that can make me happy.

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